Maku Warrakah-Ali, CEO, KenCCID

“Simone has been a true gift since we first crossed paths. As the CEO of KenCCID, a non-profit that serves individuals with disabilities, I wanted to revamp our LinkedIn page to bring awareness to the amazing work that our team is doing. 

Simone collaborated with me and the KenCCID team to completely revamp our LinkedIn page. She was able to accurately capture our brand voice and messaging to better connect with our target audience. Simone independently researches and develops strategic and valuable content for our LinkedIn blogs and posts. 

Due to her efforts, we’ve seen a 200% spike in traffic to our LinkedIn page. Our LinkedIn page continues to gain visibility due to Simone’s brilliant content management.

It’s been rewarding to see the transformation to KenCCID’s social media presence because of the amazing content that Simone consistently puts out. Her work is thoughtful, well-researched and impactful. I look forward to continuing to partner with Simone to cement KenCCID’s place in the community as the go-to resource for individuals with disabilities.”

Julie Pike, Content Marketing Manager (

“Simone is a fast learner and writer. She really gets to know your organization’s technology and product — asking thoughtful questions and carefully integrating feedback and edits in all future work for accuracy. With Simone’s help, we have been able to quickly spin up writing projects that would have taken us months if we were working only in-house. On top of all that, Simone is an absolute joy to work with and we look forward to continued collaboration with her in the future.”

Software Development Company

Simone was professional, communicated promptly, asked all the right questions and was a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to anyone with technical writing needs.”

Robotics & Software Manufacturer

“Simone is a thorough professional and a collaborative colleague. She puts her heart into her work and responds to client requests (and schedule delays) with patience and cheerfulness. I would definitely collaborate with her again!”

IT & Data Services Provider

Pleasure to work with. Extremely communicative. Met deadlines. Exceeded project expectations. thank you!”

Tamela Serensits, Founder & CEO

“Running a small business; it’s hard to find the time and brain-space to write good copy.  Simone knows the messaging that cuts through to business leaders in my field. Her words hit the right tone so I don’t have to worry!

Pump Seal Manufacturer

“Simone is awesome! She has excellent communication and writing skills. She turned our project around in a very short period of time and did it very well. I definitely would use her again.”

Professor, Structural Engineering

“Over the years, I’ve worked with numerous talented editors… Simone is one of the best. She is capable, sharp, proactive, insightful, and professional. In this project, she edited my notes for an engineering mechanics lecture with ease and effectiveness. Her surgical editorial changes improved the organization of the content and made the explanations more clear and easier to grasp. Noteworthy is her willingness to immerse herself in the project; She took the time to watch a video version of the lecture before editing the written lecture notes; She even highlighted couple of discrepancies between the video presentation and the written notes. I truly enjoyed working with her.”