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Engineer By Profession
Technical Writer By Choice

Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I’m Simone!

If I got a penny for every time I was told how good I was at writing for an engineer, I’d be a millionaire by now!

My skills at effective and timely communication have separated me from the field as a standout engineer.

I now combine my fundamental engineering skills with my passion for writing to help businesses retain their end users.

Sometimes, it’s not the message; it’s the messenger.

Allow me to be that messenger to help you translate the most complex ideas and workflows into something easy for anyone to digest.

I’ve had a 15+ year career as Process Engineer in the oil & gas, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The one common thread across all my roles was my innate ability to communicate. I pride myself on being able to translate the most complex information and processes into a format that anyone can understand. Let’s connect so we can figure out how best to reach your target audience with the written word.

I’m passionate about translating complex information into a format that anyone can understand.

Founder, Words by Simone
Technical Writing Services
2021 – present

I provide technical writing services where I combine by deep engineering expertise with my passion for writing, to help business retain their end users with effective, clear and impactful documentation.

You can see more of my conversational writing style at www.emeraldzille.com. There, I chronicle my journey to a zero waste lifestyle using products that not only work, but do no harm to Mother Earth.

Process Engineer
2008 – 2022
I’ve worked as a Process Engineer in the oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for various companies including:

  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • BASF
  • Dupont
  • Dow Chemical
  • Unilever
  • Alcon, A Novartis Company
  • Spoetzl Brewery (Shiner Bock Beer)
  • Seadrift Coke (petroleum needle coke manufacturer)

I’ve led the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of various pieces of equipment including heat exchangers, incubator shakers, pumps, chemical storage tanks, bioreactors, fermentation tanks, reverse osmosis systems, and a fuel gas scrubber system. I was responsible for developing the commissioning protocols and SOPs for these complex systems in a timely manner.

Communication was key during the implementation of these projects to ensure all key stakeholders were kept abreast of progress and any potential delays.

Once these systems were up and running, I ensured the smooth operation of the equipment by working cross-functionally across departments including Production, Maintenance, Quality Control and Safety.

You can learn more about my engineering expertise on my LinkedIn profile.


Proficient in:

  • Aspen Process Explorer (IP21)
  • PI Historian
  • PRO/II
  • Pressure Relief Valve sizing software
  • P&IDs
  • Process Flow Diagrams

Familiar with:

  • AspenTech SQL
  • MTELL Machine Learning
  • SAP Work Order Management


  • M. S. Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas – Arlington
  • B. Sc. Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University
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